Year Client End-User Project Activity
2015 AIE (UAE) Dubai Petroleum Offshore loading system Review of corrosion allowances and NACE Requirements: PLEM and SPM piping
New project (conceptual) Materials selection: topsides piping and subsea pipeline
Emarat Natural gas pipelines Support for integrity review
Petrofac Sajaa Field Corrosion management review
Atkins Saudi Aramco Southern Area Gas Compression Study Corrosion rate modelling and reporting for gas gathering pipeline system
CH2M Hill ExxonMobil West Quma wet crude project Materials validation
2014 AIE (UAE) Petrofac International UAE Sajaa Field Corrosion implications of proposed gas compression and philosophy for compilation of dead leg register.
DNO Musandam Offshore Pipeline Corrosion management review
Atkins Talisman Sinopec Flyndre Cawdor Over Clyde Corrosion implications of shrouded flange
BP BP (Angola) PCC Project materials & corrosion Engineer
IXBlue IXBlue ROV guidance system consultancy on galvanic corrosion issues
Mott MacDonald RWE Dea UK SNS Breagh Pipeline (onshore) Corrosion implications of wet operation
SBM Offshore In-house standards Review of materials standards
2013 IntecSea BG Burullus Ad hoc project corrosion support
AIE (UAE) GPS (Not disclosed) Preliminary failure assessment seawater filters
(Not disclosed) (Not disclosed) Comments on corrosion of mooring chain
Amec EnQuest Kraken Materials selection review
BP BP (Egypt) West Nile Delta Project Project materials & corrosion engineer
IntecSea BG Burullus Ad hoc project corrosion support
Mott MacDonald Xcite Energy Bentley Field Materials selection – topsides
Kinsale Energy Kinsale compressor Corrosion failure investigations and remediation
Oil and Gas UK Sponsors Decommissioning Guidelines Review of long term corrosion of abandoned hardware
2012 Amec KJO Dorra Field FEED Project materials & corrosion Engineer
Atkins Chevron Alder Pipeline Corrosion engineering and monitoring review
2011 ITM ITM Hydrogen generation cell Consultancy on corrosion of stainless steel electrodes
Procyon Xcite Energy Bentley Field Materials Selection
2010 Centrica Centrica Caythorpe Gas Storage Review of material selection
Chrysaor Chrysaor Solan Materials selection: topsides piping and equipment
2009 Atkins BP Claire Pipeline Review of corrosion management
Centrica Bacton Storage Company Baird Pipeline Pipeline corrosion assessment
eTec (undisclosed) (undisclosed power station) Corrosion review of butterfly valve
Genesis Pharaonic Petroleum West Harbor Development Supplemental materials evaluation
ODE Total Laggan & Tormore FEED project materials and corrosion engineer
2008 Genesis Inpex Nasiriyah & Gharraf Development Flowline and pipeline material selection
BP Egypt West Harbor Development FEED materials selection and corrosion assessment
CNR International Olowi Pipelines Internal corrosion assessment
MCS Skeie Energy Mime/Krabbe pipelines Flowline and pipeline material selection
Petrobras Deepwater development Corrosion review pipe-in-pipe
Pegasus BP Endeavour Hot tap design review – corrosion
RWE RWE Dea UK SNS Ltd Topaz pipeline Review of proposed corrosion allowances
2007 Foster Wheeler Woodside Petroleum Browse Materials selection – offshore LNG concept
Genesis Shell Draugen CO2 injection Materials selection – flowlines
BP Egypt Seth Pipeline Materials selection
MCS Marathon Oil Corp Alvheim Development Sub-sea Corrosion management strategy
Petrofac SonaHess (Algeria) El Gassi Project Heat exchanger corrosion assessments
PDO (Oman) Harweel Gas Plant 2nd Phase Facilities Materials selection
Petrofac South Don Pipelines Assistance with technical line pipe tenders
BP NGL Standardization Study Conceptual materials selection
RWE RWE Cavendish Corrosion management programme
Teknica Sirte Oil (Libya) Hatiba Gas Plant Materials selection review
Xodus BP North Sea Installations Risk assessment – hydrogen cracking
2006 CWaves MEPP (Mauritania) Nouadibhou tank farm Corrosion survey
Genesis Talisman Energy Duart North Development FEED materials selection and corrosion assessment
Oilexco Brenda & Nicol Field Development Pipeline materials selection
GPIC Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co. Ammonia plant Investigation of leaks in process gas cooler
Petrofac Hydro Zagros oil and Gas Azar Field Development Conceptual and FEED Materials selection – pipelines and processing plant
PDO (Oman) Kauther Gas Plant Evaluation of mercury content in gas stream
Petro SA Tinrhert GTL Project Corrosion assessment -gas gathering network
Burlington Resources Rivers Field Development Review of pipework specification
BG Tunisia Hasdrubal wellhead Platform Materials review
2005 MACAW BP Gupco Saqqarra gas lift lines Corrosion review of butterfly valve
Noble Energy Noble Energy Dumbarton FPSO Corrosion support for due diligence exercise
Pegasus CNR International Coumba E Materials input to risk assessment – raw water injection
ExxonMobil LP6 and Arthur Developments Flowline material selection
Petrofac AGIP KCO Kashagan Early Field Development Review of corrosion rate predictions
RWE DEA Cavendish and Kepler Pipelines Corrosion assessment
PDO (Oman) Kauther Gas Plant FEED materials selection and corrosion assessment
Anadarko Algeria El Merk Synergy Development Gassi-Touil pipeline corrosion assessment
PDO (Oman) Harweel Gas Plant FEED materials verification
Paladin resources plc WAGE project Review of topsides materials selection
Margham Dubai Establishment Margham Expansion Project Conceptual materials selection
Rexam Plastics Rexam Plastics Plastic manufacturing plant Corrosion damage to aluminium cooling flats
Timberlink Timberlink Autoclaves Site visit and corrosion investigation
Vetco Grey Shell Nigeria Bonga Corrosion implications of detached coupler shroud
2004 Pegasus BP Buzzard Pipeline – Hot Tap Review of pre-commissioning corrosion issues
Israel Electric Corp. 30-inch offshore gas line Review of corrosion implications of "wet parking"
Petrofac Gulf of Guinea Petroleum Co. East Orovinyare Development Preliminary materials selection
Anadarko Algeria El Merk Synergy Development Gassi Touil pipeline corrosion assessment
2003 Pegasus Venture Production Goosander Development Material selection – production and water injection lines
2002 MACAW DONG Nini/Cecile Pipelines Materials selection and internal corrosion and erosion assessment
2002 MACAW Petro-Canada Clapham development FEED materials selection and corrosion assessment
2001 Hill Taylor Dickinson Moby Lines Fast ferries Investigation of pitting of stainless steel propellers
2001 Tischcuk ADCO (UAE) Well Integrity Management System Corrosion support